Cream of broccoli soup

Cream of broccoli soup is a soup prepare with broccoli, stock and milk or cream as main ingredients. Ingredient differences exist, as do vegetarian types. It is also a commercially, mass-produce soup, regularly sold in cans. Many recipes use canned cream of broccoli soup as an ingredient, such as its use with cook chicken dishes and as a sauce.

Main ingredients are broccoli, stock and milk or cream. The broccoli use may chop, slice into small buds or pureed, and some preparations combine both chop and pureed broccoli. Some versions may use frozen broccoli, and the soup may thicken using a roux. Extra ingredients may consist of onion, celery, chicken broth, half and half, egg yolk, herbs such as parsley, thyme and bay leaf, salt, pepper and others. It is sometimes serve garnish with croutons or broccoli florets

Vegan methods of cream of broccoli soup may simply use vegan ingredients or supernumerary vegan ingredients for animal-based ones. Extra ingredients in vegan varieties may include vegetable broth or bouillon and plant-base dairy substitutes such as plant milk or soy milk instead of cream or milk. Some soups use a cream of broccoli base. It apply other ingredients, such as potato, leeks, chicken, cheese and other foods.